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Art workshop "ICON of STYLE"

Art workshop of "Icon of Style" is a team of professional artists, sculptors and stained glass masters. We are ready to rethink familiar forms and images, to recreate the aesthetics of any direction in art.

The creative activity of "Icon of Style" is aimed at:

  • creation of stained glasses of any complexity;
  • art painting of walls using textured elements;
  • drawing of murals;
  • decoration of parks, zoos, game complexes.

Feedback from our satisfied customers is also important.Our professionalism is confirmed by numerous awards and recognition in the design and art environment:

  • participation in all-Ukrainian exhibitions and competitions;
  • winning tenders for government orders;
  • Award "Best Product Presentation" 2012 of P. Chechelnitsky;
  • diploma of the Laureate of the competition "Peoples Recognition 2012".

Feedback from our satisfied customers is also important. We value the opinion of each customer and are extremely happy to receive grateful reviews!



Our history

2008 can be considered the starting point of our activity. For 12 years of productive work, we have reached a new level of quality. We also have our own workshop, where our creators and performers work comfortably.

You are definitely familiar with our work:

  • decorations in Kharkiv Gorky Park, Kiev Zoo, Lviv Oceanarium;
  • stained glass decoration of more than 200 objects, including the temple architecture of cathedrals, temples and other religious objects of Ukra;
  • more than 70 sculptures based on fiberglass, concrete and brass have been installed in our country and in neighboring countries;
  • art paintings decorate

1 456 м2

produced stained glass

11 tons

used glass


manufactured sculptures


created ART objects



our mission and goals

Our mission: to decorate the space around us, carefully place accents and add original details to the familiar atmosphere.

In January 2020, training at the non-standard art school based on our company began. Now "Icon of Style" teaches everyone the techniques of making the classic Tiffany stained glass, glass mosaics, epoxy painting.